As a freelance writer, I specialise in helping editors and brands engage with readers by writing meaningful and memorable stories that keep them coming back. From in-depth feature articles to powerful copy that packs a punch, I am highly skilled at tailoring my writing to express your title and brand’s unique personality.

Online media… that makes readers stop scrolling and start reading

Whether it’s writing online feature articles or composing creative website copy for your company that puts it ahead of your competition, I choose every sentence, word and letter with pin-point precision. Why? Because when writing for the web, it’s vital that each snippet of content achieves the perfect balance between exploring the subject, encapsulating your brand’s identity and making the Google Gods smile by using best-practice search engine optimisation.

For more than a decade, I have achieved this for clients around the world, from Australian publications and businesses to large, multi-national corporations. Casa Communications is renowned for writing content and stories that read seamlessly and hide the hard work behind them.

On top of that, I pride myself on captivating readers’ attention, keeping them hooked until the end, stirring them to comment, like and share, then inspiring them to search for more.

So to discover how I can enrich your website, contact or email me at and brace your brand to unleash it’s full potential.

Print media… that readers can’t resist

Eye-catching copy and attention-grabbing articles are often the difference between people purchasing a printed issue and putting it back on the shelf. Print media now represents an investment for readers – both in terms of time and capital – so it’s vital that every page fulfils a title’s promise. How? By giving your audience the reading experience and content they crave. By bestowing them with inspiration that they cannot find in any other publication. Then by serving them inspiration which they didn’t even know they wanted.

My journalism career began in the days of print media and after working in consumer, custom and business-to-business magazine publishing, I bring a wealth of experience to every title I write for. For over a decade, I have helped editors strengthen their magazines’ illustrious reputations by penning thoroughly researched, meticulously sub-edited stories which resonate with readers and inspire long-term loyalty.

Above all, I love nothing more than crafting inspiring, intelligent articles that get readers thinking, get people talking and get crowds eagerly anticipating and lining up for the next printed issue.

If you relish this too, contact or email me at to discuss how I can help, because life’s too short for content not to captivate.