Imagine harnessing the true power of the written word. To inspire and inform, to evoke trust in your readers, to hook your audience’s attention and leave them hungry for more.

As a freelance writer and the founder of Casa Communications, this is what I am renowned for. This and being a specialised architecture, design and lifestyle writer who takes a uniquely human approach to understanding the built environment and how people live.

Whether it’s penning the perfect pages for magazines and print media, writing online articles that enthral and engage, or creating corporate copy with pin-point accuracy, I have more than a decade of experience distilling journeys and messages into content that captivates.

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

Client testimonials

“Julia is without a doubt Houzz’s highest-value contributor. From idea generation to powerful, informative and engaging stories and interacting with readers via the comments section, Julia excels in all aspects of story production.

As our favourite go-to writer, Julia delivers on time, on brief, without fail. Her stories are thoroughly researched, with a flowing, on-point narrative, and are always grammatically clean.

Most importantly, Julia’s stories are beloved by readers, and have proven to be some of Houzz’s highest engaging features by likes, comments and saves. I can’t recommend her highly enough as a colleague or a contributor.”

Vanessa Walker, Editor, Houzz Australia and New Zealand

“Julia is unfailingly professional, often going the extra mile to craft a fabulous story and ever cheerful no matter what’s asked of her. A highly experienced writer who can be relied on to deliver flawless prose with just the right level of punch. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Joanna Tovia, Journalist and Editor, Houzz Australia and New Zealand

“Julia was a pleasure to work with on a number of high-pressure projects for some of our largest clients.”

Grant Butler, Founder and Editor, Editor Group

“Julia worked with me as a freelance writer in both magazine editorial and digital content for women’s lifestyle. She’s lovely to deal with and always delivers on time and on brand. Since that time, she’s worked across a number of different genres and grown her portfolio. I’d highly recommend her for her professionalism.”

Sarah Stevens, Former Editor, Pacific Magazines