Inside the Home of Interior Designer Georgia Ezra

Ever wondered what happens when an interior designer and construction manager renovate a run-down home? They create a heaven on earth, of course, in record time and for a fraction of the cost most people would pay.


Meet Georgia Ezra, the savvy founder of Tiles of Ezra and the Melbourne-based interior design practice Studio Ezra (previously known as GABBE, once upon a time). In 2015, Georgia and her husband Richie Morris bought their home in Elsternwick, Victoria, and the pair wasted no time giving the “unliveable” building the love it deserved. Built in 1923, it had barely been touched since.

When I chatted with Georgia to write her story for an article on Houzz, she said the original property “smelt like someone had died there”. The place was riddled with mould and asbestos and the poor spatial design called for a total revamp, which the couple achieved in under four months – a staggering effort considering the extent of their renovations.

They also came in on budget thanks to Georgia and Richie’s contacts and experience in the industry.

“We achieved everything in around $150,000 to $200,000,” says Georgia. “However, in saying that, it wouldn’t be reflective of what someone else would have paid. We didn’t pay for interior design services, we got a lot of things at trade discounts, and I supplied all my new tiles; we really did get things in a more cost-effective manner than most people would.”

Georgia was refreshingly transparent on the topic of how much renovations really cost – so transparent that I interviewed her for another article on Houzz, which drills into average renovation costs in Australia, room-by-room, according to the 2017 Houzz & Home Survey.

But while speaking with Georgia, who also authored the book A Healthy Home, A Healthy You, what moved me most was the striking individuality of her home and her philosophy that interior design should be valued from the outset as a “permanent” building element, not just a transient, décor-driven afterthought. Georgia celebrates Moroccan, Indian and Jewish cultures throughout her design, creating a home that embraces her heritage and religion in unique and stylish ways. The result is a tactile sanctuary with exotic details and a beautiful example of how self-expression can be achieved within the design of one’s home.


For the full interview and all the pretty pictures, head to the story on Houzz. Along with tens of thousands of readers throughout the world, you’ll swoon over the incredible creativity and originality of this home design. Promise!


My Houzz: Interior Architect Georgia Ezra’s Sublime Home