About Casa Communications

“In 1936, psychologist Kurt Lewin wrote a simple equation that makes a powerful statement: Behaviour is a function of the Person in their Environment, or B = f (P,E).” – James Clear, Atomic Habits.

After establishing my business as a Sydney-based freelance writer in 2011, I rebranded as Casa Communications in 2018 when demand for my articles grew globally.

Casa Communications specialises in creating stories about the new frontiers of architecture and the built environment, but I don’t focus solely on the aesthetics. I also write about how architecture and interiors impact us as people; I delve into the psychology of design and reveal how built environments can help us live better, feel better, perform better.

This unique, people-centric approach has helped differentiate many of my clients’ magazines and websites from their competition and positioned them at the vanguard of their industries. By publishing stories with a fresh perspective, my clients have enjoyed adding value to their titles and connecting with readers on a human level.

As well as writing about the buildings and places we spend our time in, Casa Communications is renowned for producing lifestyle articles that explore the notion of place beyond the bricks and mortar of the built environment. What ways do individuals seek out their place within society? How are communities built? And what exactly happens on a physiological level in our brains and bodies when we feel ‘at home’ in a place?

Most of all, I’m passionate about writing stories that reveal how we relate to architecture, design and people on cultural, social and physiological levels.

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