Meet the Creative Minds Behind Minosa

It’s rare when you meet business owners whose philosophy towards design echoes your own. Rarer still is when you discover that said business owners have built an entire company and product line based on your shared ethos. But this superb and singular phenomenon occurred while researching a story for Houzz when I spoke with Darren Genner and Simona Castagna – the founders, creative minds and husband-and-wife team behind the beloved brand Minosa.

Photography: Nicole England

Ask many designers what their company specialises in and you will likely be met with a straightforward answer about the fixtures, fittings or rooms that they create. But when I asked Darren and Simona what Minosa does, this was their illuminating response:

“Minosa is an interior design studio that makes life better by designing extraordinary interior spaces from concept to completion. We focus on kitchens and bathrooms as hubs of the home, designing luxury environments that foster the qualities of organisation, comfort, relaxation, security and peace.”

Rather than simply focussing on what they design, Darren and Simona never lose sight of why they design the kitchens, bathrooms and bathing fixtures that Minosa is renowned for. For them, the end goal is not just to create beautiful, functional spaces. Their primary objective is improving their clients’ lifestyles and enhancing one’s emotional experience within a space – and when you nail this, the beauty and functionality of interiors inherently follow.

Simona Castagna and Darren Genner, the co-founders and husband-and-wife team behind Minosa

It’s a subtle distinction and I’ve seen plenty of breathtaking designs where their creators have taken an inverted approach. However, this people-centric approach to interior design feeds into a new and progressive understanding, where the people are prioritised before the spaces they embody.

It’s a philosophy I share, champion and have built my own business on – it’s what distinguishes Casa Communications’ approach from other architecture and design writers. So it’s heartening to see the ripples of this human understanding of design spreading through the oceans of our talented, creative world.

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